Benor aspires to be a company offering jobs that are safe and secure, with a sound working environment and policies to prevent pollution, production stoppages and material waste. We strive constantly to mitigate potential risks at all stages of our activities, to protect the environment and the users of our products and services.

Our goal is to properly satisfy the demands of the community around us and to work in a safe and eco-friendly manner. Our managers and personnel are equipped with the skills necessary to promote safety and eco-compliance as a natural component of our business.


ISO 9001 AND ISO 14001

Company policy is guided by environmental metrics. To ensure compliance with stated goals, Benor adheres to an Environmental Management System, integral within our Quality System, that meets ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and the Regulations regarding Systematic Health, Environmental and Safety Activities in Enterprises, of 6 December 1996 (Internal Control Regulations), as well as other pertinent ordinances.

When selecting contractors the company requires presentation of documents showing compliance with an approved HSE standard.

Our primary goals are:

  • No Harm Philosophy - no personal injuries or work-related illnesses and no damage to property or equipment
  • Safe working conditions and meaningful work
  • Compliance with laws, regulations and standards as well as our own internal codes
  • Commitment to sustainable growth
  • Maximum reuse, recycling and responsible waste handling
  • Minimum energy, resources and materials consumption.

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